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2022 Vol. 10, No. 5
Published: 2022-09-30

347 Research progress of effects of COVID-19 on treatment of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.001
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD)is a common childhood-onset neuropsychiatric disorder. The main characteristics of ADHD children are difficulty in concentration, short duration of attention, excessive activity, and impulsivity, which lead to many challenges in learning, life and other aspects. During the corona virus disease 2019(COVID-19)epidemic, the lives of individuals have changed dramatically compared with those before. The symptoms of ADHD patients have generally aggravated, and their problems in emotion, behavior, sleep, and family relationships are exacerbated. During the epidemic, it is a more effective and feasible method for ADHD patients to take the intervention of remote treatment based on the traditional treatment plan.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 347- [Abstract] ( 892 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (989 KB)  ( 944 )
354 Effect of shyness on college students’ phubbing: a moderated mediation model
XIAO Xiaofang, ZHENG Xifu
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.002
Objective To explore the relations among shyness, phubbing, mobile phone addiction and self-control, and analyze the functional mechanism. Methods A total of 472 college students were surveyed online by using shyness scale, phubbing scale, self-control scale, and mobile phone addiction scale. The variations’ relations and possible moderation effects were analyzed. Results The results of correlation analysis showed that: shyness was significantly positively correlated with phubbing and mobile phone addiction, and significantly negatively correlated with self-control; phubbing was significantly positively correlated with mobile phone addiction, and significantly negatively correlated with self-control; mobile phone addiction was significantly negatively correlated with self-control. The results of the mediation model test showed that: shyness could positively predict the phubbing of college students; mobile phone addiction played a partial mediating role between shyness and phubbing behavior; self-control played a moderating role in the path that shyness affected phubbing through mobile phone addiction. In college students with low self-control level, shyness could positively predict mobile phone addiction, but in college students with high self-control level, shyness had no significant predictive effect on mobile phone addiction. Conclusion Shyness can positively predict college students’ phubbing. To the whole, lower self-control could strengthen the positive effect of shyness on phubbing in collegestudents.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 354- [Abstract] ( 919 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (847 KB)  ( 769 )
359 Analysis of effect of Internet-based parental training for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder on improving awareness of disease
CHU Liting, WANG Yu, ZHU Peiying, MA Chenhuan, PAN Lizhu, WANG Shasha, HE Lin, YU Guangjun
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.003
Objective To analyze the effect of Internet-based parental training for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD)on improving awareness of disease, and explore the feasibility of Internet-based parental training. Methods A total of 220 parents of children with ADHD who attended the Department of Children Health Care, Shanghai Children’s Hospital from June to July 2021 were randomly divided into online training group(n=110)and offlinetraining group(n=110). All the parents received the same parental training. The ADHD questionnaire was used before and after the training to compare the changes in the awareness of ADHD disease, treatment compliance, and the acceptance and satisfaction of the Internet-based parental training between the two groups. Results A total of 107 and 105 questionnaires were collected from the online and offline groups before training, and 103 and 104 questionnaires were collected after training, respectively, with a total collected rate of 95.2%. Before the training, there was no significant difference between theonline group and the offline group in ADHD disease awareness and treatment compliance(P>0.05). After the training, the overall understanding, etiology, symptoms, harm, treatment, and prognosis of ADHD rates improved significantly comparedwith those before training in both groups(P<0.05), and compliance with medication also improved(P<0.05). The was nosignificant difference of ADHD awareness rates between online and offline groups(P>0.05). The total ADHD awarenessrate of the online group was significantly higher than that of the offline group(P<0.05). The online and offline groups had 91.3% and 84.6% of parents who were willing to participate in online training, and 81.6% of online group parents were satisfied with Internet training. Conclusion Compared with the traditional offline training, Internet-based parental training can effectively increase parents’ awareness of ADHD and improve treatment compliance. It is a popularized training method for parents of children with ADHD.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 359- [Abstract] ( 840 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (744 KB)  ( 624 )
364 Spatial working memory advantage of proficient Chinese-English bilinguals under interference of negative emotion
ZHAO Yi, BAI Xingyu, JIAO Jiangli
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.004
Objective To explore whether proficient Chinese-English bilinguals possessed cognitive advantages in spatial working memory tasks under the interference of negative emotion. Methods A mixed experimental design of 2 (participants type: proficient Chinese-English bilinguals vs. non-proficient Chinese-English bilinguals) × 2 (valence of distractors: neutral emotion vs. negative emotion) was conducted. The reaction time and accuracy of the participants in the 2 -back task of spatial working memory were recorded under the interference of neutral and negative emotional stimuli, and repeated measures ANOVA and simple effect analysis were applied. Results The participants’ reaction time was longer and the accuracy was lower under the interference of negative emotional stimuli. In the condition of neutral stimuli, the difference of accuracy between proficient Chinese-English bilinguals and non-proficient Chinese-English bilinguals was marginal. The accuracy of the proficient Chinese-English bilinguals was significantly higher than that of the non-proficient Chinese-English bilinguals under the interference of negative emotional stimuli. Conclusion Negative emotions impaire participants’ performance in spatial working memory tasks. Proficient Chinese-English bilinguals present cognitive advantages in spatial working memory under the interference of negative emotional stimuli.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 364- [Abstract] ( 853 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (798 KB)  ( 821 )
369 Relationship between college students’ fear of missing and Wechat addiction: a cross-lagged analysis
HU Rongting, ZHANG Bin, YANG Ying, MAO Huili, PENG Yu, XIONG Sicheng
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.005
Objective To explore the relationship between college students’ fear of missing and Wechat addiction. Methods A total of 442 college students from 3 universities in Hunan Province were investigated with fear of missing scale and Wechat addiction scale for 3 months in 2 stages. Mplus 7.4 was used for cross-lagged regression analysis. Results There was a significant positive correlation between college students’fear of missing and Wechat addiction(pre-test: r=0.321, P<0.01; post-test: r=0.374, P<0.01). College students’ initial fear of missing could predict Wechat addictionarfter 3 months(β=0.422, P<0.001), but the initial Wechat addiction could not predict fear of missing after 3 months(β=0.058, P>0.05). Conclusion Fear of missing is the cause of Wechat addiction, not the result of Wechat addiction.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 369- [Abstract] ( 958 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (725 KB)  ( 1063 )
374 Influence of family rearing style on college students’ career self-efficacy: mediating role of psychological resilience
WEI Junming, FU Guifang
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.006
Objective To explore the impact of family rearing patterns on college students’ career self-efficacy, and test the mediating effect of psychological resilience. Methods A total of 414 college students were tested online and offline by parental rearing style scale, psychological resilience scale, and college students’ career self-efficacy scale. Results Emotional warmth in parental rearing style was significantly positively correlated with psychological resilience and career self-efficacy, while over protection and rejection were significantly negatively correlated with college students’ psychological resilience and career self-efficacy. There was a significant positive correlation between college students’ psychological resilience and their level of career self-efficacy. Emotional warmth in parental rearing patterns played a full mediating role in the impact of college students’ psychological resilience on career self-efficacy, while the two dimensions of overprotection and rejection played a partial mediating role. Conclusion This study discusses the impact of parental rearing style and psychological resilience on college students’ career self-efficacy, provides data support for college students’ employment guidance, and provides a theoretical basis for the study of college students’ parental rearing style and psychological resilience.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 374- [Abstract] ( 960 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (956 KB)  ( 1186 )
380 Multi-group structural equation model analysis of influencing factors of helping behavior
CHEN Youqing, JIN Jieqiong, SONG Enci
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.007
Objective To understand the current situation of young students’ helping behavior and its influencing factors, and promote the helping behavior of young students. Methods A questionnaire survey was carried out on 1 791 high school and college students on helping behavior, empathy, self-esteem, and social support. The structural equation model was used to explore the influencing factors of helping behavior, and explore the differences of models in different grades. Results Social support positively predicted helping behaviors of young students through the mediating effect of self-esteem and empathy. High school students’ social support significantly positively predicted helping behavior, and self-esteem and empathy played a partial mediating role. College students’ social support could not predict helping behavior, and self-esteem and empathy played a full mediating role. Conclusion Young students’ helping behavior is affected by social support, and social support positively predicts helping behavior through the mediating effect of self-esteem and empathy. The difference of school stage can affect the mediating effect of self-esteem and empathy ability in social support and helping behavior.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 380- [Abstract] ( 934 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1050 KB)  ( 1090 )
387 Effect of grandparent-father coparenting on father’s marital satisfaction: mediating roles of parental coparenting and paternal depression
ZHANG Jingzhu, GUO Fei, CHEN Zhiyan
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.008
Objective To explore the effects of grandparent-father coparenting, father’s performance in coparenting with child’s mother, and paternal depression on the father’s marital satisfaction. Methods Parents(both fathers andmothers)of children aged 3 -7 years were investigated by questionnaire. The mothers completed the parental coparenting questionnaire, and the fathers completed the grandparent-father coparenting questionnaire, paternal depression questionnaire, and father’s marital satisfaction questionnaire. A structural equation model was constructed with the grandparent-father coparenting as the independent variable, the father’s marital satisfaction as the dependent variable, and the parental coparenting and the father’s depression level as the mediating variables. The Bootstrap method was used to test the mediating effects. Results A total of 586 valid questionnaires(293parents)were collected. Correlation analyses showed that all the dimensions of grandparent-father coparenting, all the dimensions of parental coparenting, and father’s marital satisfaction positively correlated with each other. Father’s depression was negatively correlated with grandparent-father coparenting, parental coparenting, as well as with father’s marital satisfaction. The structural equation model analysis indicated that grandparent-father coparenting not only exerted direct effect on father’s marital satisfaction, but also had indirect influence via the mediating effects of parental coparenting and father’s depression. Conclusion Parental coparenting and paternal depression play multiple mediating roles in the relationship between grandparent-father coparenting and father’s marital satisfaction.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 387- [Abstract] ( 817 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (789 KB)  ( 703 )
393 Effects of developmental level and social-life ability of children with global developmental delay on parenting stress
YAN Wenjie, LIN Yuanyuan, ZHANG Yiwen
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.009
Objective To investigate the parenting stress of children with global developmental delay, and explore theeffects of development quotient(DQ)and social-life ability on parenting stress. Methods A total of 364 children with the main complaint of“language delay”and the diagnosis of global developmental delay aged 16 to 60 months who visited the Department of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center from March 2019 to April 2021 were enrolled. Gesell development scale, infants-junior middle school students’ social life abilities scale, and parenting stress index-short form were used to investigate. Results The proportions of maternal and paternal parenting stress higher than normal were 75.4% and 72.0%, respectively. Maternal parenting stress was significantly correlated with children’s DQ and social life ability, while paternal parenting stress was not significantly correlated with children’s DQ, but significantly correlated with social life ability. Children’s self-management ability was an important source of maternal parenting pressure. In the process of verbal ability DQ affecting maternal parenting pressure, self-management ability had a complete mediating effect. Collective mobility was an important source of paternal parenting stress. In the process of verbal ability DQ affecting paternal parenting stress, collective mobility had a complete mediating effect. Conclusion The proportions of maternal and paternal parenting stress of children with global developmental delay are higher than the normal levels. Verbal ability DQ has no direct influence on parental stress, but indirectly influences parental stress through social life ability.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 393- [Abstract] ( 905 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (830 KB)  ( 1197 )
399 Cardiopulmonary exercise tolerance of children with acyanotic congenital heart disease
LIANG Juping, ZHOU Xuan, SONG Yuanyuan, YU Hong, FAN Qimeng, ZHU Xiaoqing, LI Yingxian, SUN Kun, DU Qing
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.010
Objective To evaluate the cardiorespiratory exercise tolerance of children with acyanotic congenitalheart disease(CHD). Methods Relevant clinical data of 175 children aged 4 -18 years with acyanotic CHD(CHDgroup)were collected. The children’s height, weight, body mass index(BMI)and other growth and development indicators and the results of cardiorespiratory exercise tolerance assessed by the six-minute walk test(6MWT)were retrospectively analyzed, with 377 age-and sex-matched healthy children as the normal control group(NCgroup). Results The 6 MWTresults showed that the average walking distance(520.0m)in the CHD group was significantly shorter than that in the NCgroup(590.0m)(P<0.001). In both groups, the heart rate, breath frequency, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation were all within the normal range pre-and post-test, and the children’s physiological response to exercise was also within the normal range. No adverse events occurred. The growth and development indexes of the CHD group were significantly lowerthan those of the NC group(Pheight=0.022, Pweight=0.002, PBMI=0.003). Conclusion The 6 MWT is a reliable test which can be used as a practical tool for assessing the cardiorespiratory exercise tolerance of children with acyanotic CHD, and also this population have lower cardiorespiratory exercise tolerance than healthy children.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 399- [Abstract] ( 855 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (1073 KB)  ( 650 )
405 Effects of graphic anthropomorphic design on college students’ multimedia academic performance, emotion, and psychological perception
HUI Jing, ZHENG Yuwei, LI Dan
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.011
Objective To explore changes of academic achievement, psychological perception and emotional state of college students in learning multimedia materials of graphic anthropomorphic design. Methods Multimedia learningmaterials adapted from comics were used. A total of 60 college students conducted 2(picture type)× 2(text type)two factors inter subject design. The subjects completed a priori knowledge questionnaire, emotion measurement questionnaire, academic achievement test, internal motivation questionnaire, and cognitive load self-assessment scale. Results The transfer performance of anthropomorphic pictures was significantly higher than that of non-anthropomorphic pictures. Anthropomorphic pictures significantly reduced the perceptual difficulty of the subjects, and anthropomorphic words significantly improved the internal motivation of the subjects. Graphic anthropomorphic design significantly reduced the decline of the subjects’ positive emotion after learning. Conclusion The graphic anthropomorphic design of multimedia learning materials has a positive impact on college students’ academic performance, emotion, and psychological perception.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 405- [Abstract] ( 877 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (822 KB)  ( 732 )
411 Relations between leisure boredom and adolescents’ short-form video use: a moderated mediation model
LUO Guoting, GUO Fei, CHEN Zhiyan, ZHANG Xuehui
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.012
Objective To explore the mechanism and gender difference underlying the influence of leisure boredom on adolescents’ short-form video use. Methods A total of 889 adolescents aged 15 -20 years were investigated by short-form video App addiction scale, leisure boredom scale, 7 -tiem generalized anxiety disorder scale(GAD-7), and mobile phone-use motivations scale escape motivation subscale. Results Adolescents’ leisure boredom was significantly positively correlated with their short-form video use. Adolescents’ leisure boredom not only directly affected short-form video use, but also indirectly affected short-form video use through the mediating effects that anxiety and escape motivation played, respectively, as well as the chain mediation of anxiety and escape motivation. The gender moderated the effect of anxiety on short-form video usage, and the anxiety level influenced short-form video use more significantly among male students than female ones. Conclusion Anxiety and avoidance motivation play multiple mediating roles in the effect of leisure boredom on adolescents’ short-form video use, and gender moderates the effect of anxiety on short-form video use.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 411- [Abstract] ( 1035 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (806 KB)  ( 1345 )
418 Children’s learning of syntax and teaching strategies from perspective of educational neuroscience
WEI Dawei, XU Chunyan, ZHOU Jiaxian
DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-4301.2022.05.013
Syntax refers to the rules governing how phrases and sentences are formed. Children’s proficiency in syntax is one of the crucial aspects of linguistic abilities. The development of children’s syntactic learning ability is based on the level of brain development, and the level of syntactic processing has obvious age-stage characteristics. After school age, syntactic ability continues to develop, and individual differences exist at the same time. Children with special language disabilities and children with dyslexia also have certain difficulties in syntactic processing. In the perspective of educational neuroscience, the present study reviews how normal children develop their syntactic proficiency and how atypical children of specific language impairment and developmental dyslexia may encounter difficulties in the field. It aims to provide scientific evidence and useful enlightenment for children’s language education practice, and promote the development and innovation of children’s language education in the new era.
2022 Vol. 10 (5): 418- [Abstract] ( 938 ) HTML (1 KB)  PDF (738 KB)  ( 1019 )
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